Tohoku-Kyoei Transport Inc.

Company Profile

Company NameTohoku-Kyoei Transport Inc.
Address34-1 Ooaza-Naganawasiro-Bakeishi Hachinohe 039-1103 Aomori Pref.
Date of Establishment6 July 1972
President and CEOYukio Kobayashi
Capital4.5 M yen
Phone No.+81-178-70-7788
Facsimile No.+81-178-70-7789
Number of Employees20
Number of Vehicles Owned18
Net Sales535.12 M yen
BusinessGeneral Cargo Transportation Business,
Motor Truck Transportation Handling Business,
Collection/Transport/Disposal of General Waste
Collection/Transport/Disposal of Industrial Waste ,
Warehousing Business ,
and all duties incidental to the previous items
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