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Personal Data Protection Policy

The Green Express Group (hereinafter, “the Group”) believes that it must fulfill its social responsibilities to recognize the importance of protecting personal data, comply with laws, and protect personal data with the utmost care. The Group herein sets forth its Personal Data Protection Policy and shall make thoroughgoing efforts to protect personal data in bid to ensure its customers with security.

Purpose of Use of Personal Data

In order to identify and contact an individual, the Group may ask you, for example, about an e-mail address, postal code, address, name, phone number (including mobile phone number), etc. We shall use personal data provided by customers only for the purpose of providing its products and services and related information, and for the purpose of improving and going up its products and services. If you wish to change or delete your registration details, you can ask the Group to do so at any time.

Disclosure to third parties

Personal data provided by customers through this site shall not be disclosed or provided to third parties except in the following cases.
  • In case that a customer accepts it.
  • In case that the Group judges that it is appropriate that an affiliate company of the Group responds to or deals with a customer’s inquiry etc.
  • In case that the Group responds to requests based on laws and regulations


The Group manages personal data after providing reasonable and appropriate security against unauthorized access to personal data and loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal data.

Collection of Non-Specific Data

In some parts of this site, for the purpose of improving the level of service provided, there may be to collect data by the way of that individuals are not identified, such as, which page of this site the customer visited or from which the domain name of the site was accessed to this site.

About Using Cookies

This site may use cookies (industry standard technology that the web server identifies the customer’s computer) for the following purposes.
  • In order to identify the cause of problems occurred in the web server and solve them
  • In order to improve contents of websites and e-mails etc., so that customers can be satisfied
  • In order to customize contents of websites and e-mail etc., so that the use of each customer is adapted
  • In order to use them as statistical data in the state that the individual is not able to be identified
Please check this policy periodically because we may revise this policy in accordance with the abolition of related laws and regulations or changes in the social environment surrounding the Group, etc.
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