Maintenance/Repair/Paint and Body Work for Vehicles

Hokkai Auto Center Inc.

Company Profile

Company NameHokkai Auto Center Inc.
Address1080-30, 14, 13-jo, Hassamu Nishi-ku Sapporo 063-0833 Hokkaido
Date of EstablishmentApr, 2002
President and CEOYukio Kobayashi
Capital3.01M yen
Phone No.+81-11-666-6853
Facsimile No.+81-11-666-6854
Number of Employees10
Number of Vehicles Owned1
Net Sales270.44M yen
BusinessRepair/Inspection and Regular Service of Motor Vehicles, Sheet Metal Coating and Frame Repair
Sheet-Metal Coating and Frame Repair, Body-Manufacturing/Repair and Maintenance of
Flatbed/Box/Refrigerator/Wing Truck,
Maintenance of Crane and Special Vehicles,
Sales of Used Car/Auto Parts and Goods/Used Auto Parts
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