Consolidated Transportation

By consolidating other clients’ cargo, we ensure to transport your small amount of cargo at much lower cost than to transport by a charter truck.

Trailer Transportation

Upon a request of mass transportation between Hokkaido and Honshu, we provide with a quick trailer transportation to arrange one-stop and seamless service including delivery and a vessel booking etc.

Chilled Transportation

We provide with the accurate delivery term and secured transportation to retain cargo’s quality by thorough temperature control.

Milk Transportation

Upon a request of thorough control conditions for milk and raw milk, we ensure high-quality transportation by our advanced network.


Warehousing Service

We support a variety of logistics operations by our WMS. We offer thorough controlled storage operations.

Distribution & Processing Service

We support quick distribution and processing service including offering inspection and packing.

Real Estate

Leasing & Sales of Land

HouKou Planning Co., Ltd is in charge of leasing property to Green Express Group Companies.

Logistics Solution

3PL Service

We provide with comprehensive logistics services, such as transport, packing and Storage etc., utilizing the logistics platform of Green Express Group.

Other Services

Maintenance/Repair/Paint and Body Work for Vehicles

Maintenance proffetionals at Hokkai Auto Center Inc respond to any of requests relating to repair, paint and body work for vehicles.

Farm Management

Green Foods Farm Inc operates farms at Kami-Furano and Shinkawa in Sapporo to provide with fresh and safe vegetables from season to season.

Sales of Used Car and Used Car Parts

Hokkai Auto Center Inc sells used large trucks to be maintained well.

Man Power Dispatch

Carrier Net Inc has wide area networks at Sapporo, Hakodate, Obihiro and Tomakomai and dispatches necessary personnel where they are required.