Q1: What a reason did you make a decision to join the company?

When I was looking for a job, a job of an accountant seemed to be a tall order to me because many recruitment ads required for having qualifications, such as having bookkeeping ~grade or having an experience of accounting operations more than ~years etc. This company was different. I was advised that the company did not require for experience, but, that the company wanted you to do your best because accounting was key point job for the company. So, I am here because I wanted to challenge.

Q2: What are you doing now?

I am mainly in charge of accounting
and tax for group companies with doing payroll service.
I sometimes am to instruct other accountants since
I have been working for five years with getting a leading position.

Q3: What do you keep in mind at your work?

I think that it is quite important to have good and frequent communication with people at other departments or at customers.
This is why accounting is the department to manage the flow of money.
I always keep it in mind to make a quick contact with related persons when there comes a receiving-money unscheduled, while it is also important to monitor daily money-flow.

Q4: Do you have any a message to a student or a person who is seeking for a job at the company?

I welcome a person who has knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting, at the same time, a person who has the experience of actual accounting operations.
Since there are many companies in the group, it is not so easy for a newly-hired employee that there are a lot to learn.
However, do not afraid and join us working together.

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