Dispatch Controller

Q1: What a reason did you make a decision to join the company?

When I joined a joint-companies-information-sessions, I could get a lot of information of companies in a variety of industries.
Among them, I became having an interest in this industry because I was advised that in this industry you can feel how much you can contribute to the company directly.
At the interview test of the company, I decided to join the company because the office had a comfortable atmosphere and full of energy.

Q2: What are you doing now?

I am in charge of operation control of vehicles as a dispatch controller.
Operation control is not only controlling vehicles, but also controlling drivers’ working time etc., related to operations.
Dispatch controller is to assign freights, which we receive from the customer, to an appropriate vehicle for effective and safe transportation.

Q3: What do you keep in mind at your work?

I always keep in mind taking good care of drivers’ health to adjust operation time etc., to create drivers-friendly working environments.
Since I am working at the office, I do calls to customers and drivers from the office.
At that time, I am to take care of the way of use of words as I am on the phone.

Q4: Do you have any a message to a student or a person who is seeking for a job at the company?

As for my job, I think that you will not understand many for starters.However, you keep working longer, the job must be worthwhile more.
Your colleagues must give you a hand when you need a help. I hope that you can challenge many jobs avoiding a fear of failures.

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