Q1: What a reason did you make a decision to join the company?

I had worked for another transport company before. I happened to have a chance to be introduced to this company by an ex-manager and decided to join working.

Q2: What are you doing now?

I am transporting general cargo as a driver, such as construction materials and plant materials mainly.

Q3: What do you keep in mind at your work?

I always keep two things in my mind; one is to improve safety by stamping out traffic accidents, damage accidents and worker’s accidents with my developing technique and knowledge to realize myself as a professional,
second is to make an effort in environment conservation by my practicing eco-driving.

Q4: Do you have any a message to a student or a person who is seeking for a job at the company?

Job of driver looks easy and relaxing,
however, actually it is not because having a lot of difficulties.
But, if you become experiencing driving, I think that it is a job having a fun.
Your colleagues must teach you kindly, why not joining us?

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